Still scared to save in 4.0.30 - Playback breaking bug

OK, so I found a really annoying bug that I can’t seem to work around. Configuration as follows:

Upstem 1 - Port 1 Ch 1
Vln KS 
Upstem 1 - Port 1 Ch 1
Upstem 2 - Port 1 Ch 2
Upstem 3 - Port 1 Ch 3

I edited the velocity of Upstem Voice 2 now Violin refuses to play. If I go from the beginning. It sometimes alternates and plays Upstem 1 from Violin, other times Upstem 1 from Vln KS, never both. Everything is configured correctly and routed correctly, and this score plays correctly in 3.5.
In other words, 4.0.30 does not seem to like having two instruments routed to the same channel.

I’m still afraid of saving anything in this version.

Update, after much testing it appears this issue happens after any edit on any voice.

Found a workaround, but it’s really annoying! Basically after any edit I must go to Play mode and move the channels up and down e.g. from 1 up to 2 and back again, for any voices sharing the same channel. This restores normal playback… Sigh!

I want to look into this, but I’m not 100% clear what the starting situation is. Do you have a single “Violin” section player that is addressing two separate patches on port 1, channel 1? Or do you have two separate players?

As ever, if you have a simple, minimal project that contains only the players required to reproduce the problem, it would really help us to get to the bottom of the problem.

Hi lovely Daniel, yes this was my intention for today, but I kept putting it off (nothing worse than trying to replicate a bug). But to my total surprise it happened automatically as soon as I created the project! Here are my two tests and project attached:

  1. Basically created a String Trio from template, duplicated violin 1, wrote a bunch of notes on both. Then proceeded into Play mode > VST. Created an instance of Kontakt set to Omni and loaded Kontakt’s factory library violin. Assigned both violins to play on this i.e. Port 1 Ch 1. I pressed play and only the top one played. I clicked on the 2nd violin, it then played. But then I edited a random velocity on the 2nd violin and the 1st one stopped playing. After moving the channels to 2 and back to 1 they both played. I edited a velocity in 1st violin and it stopped playing.

  2. I wrote a few more notes on each instrument to test other channels. I assigned these new notes to a New Upstem Voice and assigned these to a 2nd Kontakt instance. If I edit a note in say the 2nd Violin, the whole staff stops playing i.e. it seems irrelevant whether the staff contains multiple voices assigned to different VSTs, the whole instrument refuses to play.

  3. I did not test any further Voice<->VST combinations

Lovely Daniel.dorico (702.7 KB)

I can confirm what you report, Claude. If you assign two instruments to the same endpoint, then edit the velocity of one of the notes in one of the instruments, the other instrument will not play back until you cause things to be fully recalculated, e.g. you re-assign the endpoint for the other instrument, or you close and reopen the project. I have a suspicion about why this might be happening, and we’ll look into it as soon as we can.


Thank you Daniel, that’s a relief to hear!

OK, so it’s been over a month and I still can’t use version 4.

Any prognosis when this fix will come out?

A fix will definitely be included in the next update when it arrives.

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Dorico 4.1 has been released today with a fix for this bug.