still still Halion se 2

having a lot lot lotl lot lot of issues with halion sonic se 2

i did as suggested by a steinberg rep but<
some of the problems im having are,
when I have a sound on slot 2 Track and Mid2 out 2 and the output is set to 2, 2 & three light up on the slots
and also when i laid a drum track using the drums from slot 1 in HSSE 2 all output settings are good, but when i load a sound in slot 2, the drum track i did using the sound from slot one plays the sound i have loaded in slot 2, and so on

also i cant play back the drum track while i load other sounds in the other slots unless i have the midi channel selected for the drum track only in the inspector pane, when i switch midi channels to play the sound from the slot in HSSE 2 i can no longer hear my drum pattern, Very frustrating

Still working on it
Now this is the next issues im having, I folloed your instructions again, now im getting some where, but one thing i noticed is that on the midi tracks that match with the slot in HSSE Track 3 in the Track Pane is playing sounds from slot 4 in HHSE, so i went back and changed that so that they read on the correct midi channel ( is this normal???,) cause when i close out and exit the program, it always does this unless I set these manually.

and should I always leave slot 1 on HHSE with nothing on it (sound)??? since im adding midi tracks??

also can theses tracks be mixed and saved from the mixer screen (efx etc??)

another thing is< In the Inspector Pane (output routing) i noticed when i set this to the UR-22 i cant hear nothing, but when i set it to HSSE- midi, I can hear each of the instruments on there respected channel, so do I leave this like this on HHSE midi???

also when i lay a drum part or bassline, i only see the data recorded in the midi tracks in the Track Pane ( is this normal??) nothing in the HHSE OUT above. so are the HHSE outputs 2 ,3 4 above just for output only right?? and can be mixed in the mixer pane?

and In the mixer pane if i put an effect on track 2 HHSE, can i put a different effect on the midi channel of Track 2 in the mixer pane?? and also a tube effect on track 2 inside HHSE??

also all the volumes are down on the midi channels in the Mixer pane, now one thing i noticed is that on track 4 (in the mixer pane ) when i move the volume slider up or down ( lets say all the way down) when i move it back up i cant hear nothing ( no sound) unless i turn up the midi channel volume slider of midi channel 4, and after that the volume slider of HHSE in the mixer pane has no effect weather i slide the volume slider up or down.

Also in the track pane its says at the top HHSE (folder icon open) , But Track 1 says, HHSE Main, so is this a good idea to leave this slot empty inside of HHSE? casue from Track 2 and so on everything else works good, I dont want to mess nothing up by loading a sound in the slot in HHSE, when the Tracks pane says Main.

again sorry about all the questions
just getting into it deeper.
again thanx

Back again
Hope im not getting on your nerves

after i do the HHSE tracks
can I load a seperate instrument track or even add an audio track and continue working?? and it wont mess up HHSE slots?? cause i have all them on there own individual outputs like u told me.

also when I click :: check for updates in the Steinberg hub, nothing comes up but a blank screen & note pad, so How can i get any updates for Elements 8 ( if any available)???.

Thanx again

almost for got to ask, when im exiting out the program i always have to click the x in the upper right hand corner , but that only exits out the project, when that is gone , I have to exit out again of the program itself, is there a setting i can set inside elements 8 where i can just click the x in the upper right corner and i exit out all together???