STILL struggling with the Artist MC with N6

The User Guide for the MC is about as intuitive as the GUI is for the hardware, NOT!
1) Banking in larger groups than 4:
Several people have said that it is possible to make the mixer bank in groups larger than 4 via the layout sections. But I cannot figure out how this is done. I went to the Eucon controller to assign the channels. But it only lets me assign 4 channels (there’s no virtual faders to be added). So the layout won’t show a larger grouping than the banks already provided. I went to the Artist Forum and did a search. Several people with much larger riggs (Mulitple Mixes along with their MC’s) were having the same dillema. One guy with 3 Mixes wnted to know how to bank in blocks of 24. They told him he could only bank in blocks of 8 with EACH unit. Another guy wanted to know how to set up his faders to act as group faders. Again they mentioned layouts but that’s still only in banks of 4 and you have to keep toggling betweeen the layouts and the regular set up to make that work. I AM SO CONFUSED NOW. Can anybody tell me how to set up the layout to allow me the ability to bank in blocks of 16 faders?!!?

2) Eucon MIDI Ports
How do they work? I couldn’f find anything in the TOC on MIDI anything and there’s no index. The Eucontrol in the device setup menu shows 4 MIDI ports. I was hoping to route them to the generic controller to bank the faders in blocks of 16, but I can’t even figure out where the MIDI page is on the hardware. The manual is not helping!

3) Solo Function
It took a while for me to figure out how to get multiple channels to solo. But the solo button on the controller only turns on the LISTEN BUTTON on N6. It doesn’t solo the selected tracks. So far, only Solo in Solo Sum mode actually solos a track, but then it’s only one track OR the other, not multiple tracks.

5) Attention/Selected Button
What does that do? They were making a big deal out of it in one of the demo videos. But they didn’t actually do anything with it to show how it could be used.

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Any CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS kind of help would be greatly appreciated!

Maybe I’m not understanding the concept of the “Layouts.” Aren’t they supposed to work the same way as “Scenes?”

On my Roland VS units and my DA-7, I can set up every part of my mixing environment (including plugs, EQ, fader positions which channels are on or off, which channels are visible or hidden, etc.) the way I want it and then save a “snap shot” of it and put it in a library to recall at any future point. Isn’t that how the layouts are supposed to work on here? :question: