Still Suffering with VST Transit

I’ve been patient…

Still have problems with this VST Transit that still does not feel like it’s ready for prime time. I have a project that I wish to share with my musical partner. I share the project to Transit. During the upload I get unknown errors, the part is empty message. My partner downloads from transit and parts are empty. They are midi and audio tracks that have data in my project, but blank in his. I thought my project may be corrupt, so I exported the tracks into a new project and have the same errors. I used render in place to convert midi to audio so my partner can hear them and all those track show up empty in his project. And even some audio tracks don’t make it over. I’m recording in 96K 24 bit, is that the problem? We both are using the most current version of Cubase 10.5 and I am running it on Mojave on a Powerbook.

I just don’t understand what’s going on with this software and Steinberg not being able to developing this software and stomping out it’s bugs. I feel like this has been in beta for years. It doesn’t seem like them. Is this part of the program being developed by a third party, or is this beyond the abilities of Steinberg’s coders?

We can check your project if you provide us with your VST Transit username (not your mySteinberg username) and the name of the project. We don‘t acess any of your media, just check the data logic. You can send a PM if you prefer so.

I would suggest to go step by step, try MIDI only first, then audio at 48k to see if there is a difference. From your description, it is hard to tell what your actual problems are. Also make sure all tracks that should be transmitted are checked in the transfer list.

We definitely need some improvement for VST Transit. Unfortunately, files and data are not shared correctly. Steinberg, could you please have a look on this for a future update?

Most appreciated.

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