Still too many bugs…

Still having bugs on version 1 and steinberg wants to charge me to upgrade to version 2
The latest bug is one of the vst instruments just stays in mute every time. I’ve tried save as checked the mixer settings but the project loads up with this one vst muted….
Will steinberg still support version 1 ??

Hi @karl2,

you have installed version 1.4.70?

We need more infos to get it reproduced. The easiest way to see what’s going wrong is if we get access to your project. Is this possible? Use the “Menu / Files / Save Archive…” function, select an empty folder, zip it, send me a PM and let me know where I can download it.

See you,

Hi Michael
I’m using Version so will download latest version and try and will let you know how I get on
will steinberg still support version 1 with updates or will I have to change to ver 2 ?
Kind regards

Updated to latest version and unfortunately it’s still not saving the vst mute/solo settings where do I send the file please Michael?


… good. You can install version (1.4.70) from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

… 1.4.70 is at the moment the last one for version 1.


I will send you the file shorty thanks

Compressed file but still too big to send ?

… send it to m.spork ( at )


I can’t send on my email the compressed folder is 1.26 Gb the project had 3 audio tracks should I remove the audio and send you the project

Hi Michael
Think I’m wasting my time I’ve tried to use vst live but just lacking confidence in using it live and the you said maybe no more updates ver 1 …so I need to have a good think of upgrading to ver 2 or just go to MainStage. I’ve tried from the start with vst live and hoped stability would improve…but you then just switched to vst live 2 and left me in limbo

a) you can run VST Live 1.4 and Version 2 side by side
b) just the .vlprj file is sufficient

… I’ve sent you a PM. Please have a look. I will try it with the *.vlprj


Great but vst 1.4 is not stable enough and I don’t trust it enough to use live. So I’ve bought a product and seen a lot of the bugs removed from the very start but you’ve still left me with an unstable product and now want me to move to ver 2 for more money ?

… yes, maybe there will be no other update. But first we need to find out what’s going wrong with your project. Please give me the *.vlproj and I try to get it reproduced.


File now sent to your Pm

How so and why? What is failing on you?

Certainly not our intention. Your complaint here is that some mute states are not saved as you expect, that is not what I’d call “unstable”. Nevertheless we’ll have another look at your problem, thanks for the file!

It was the most obvious bug I could pin down and highlight to yourself….the software often freezes which is my main concern and often when a project is opened it crackles and pops reloading it again it stops despite all latest drivers installed

We don’t accept freezes or crashes. Any chance to narrow the cause?

Are you perhaps using other software in parallel?

What stops, the crackling?