Still true that multi voice overlaps will cut to the shortest note?

For Dorico 1.1, it seems that if I have a sustained note in one voice, and another voice on the same staff hits that note again with a shorter value, then the playback of the sustained note is lost (via Note Off).

I found in the forums that this was a problem in an earlier version, so I assume it has not yet been addressed?

Or Is there a way to get more than one player per staff so that I can keep multiple voices on one staff?


Addressing this is not straightforward, and the behaviour would in any case depend on the approach taken by the specific VST instrument or MIDI device you’re using. You are correct that there has as yet been no change in how Dorico approaches this issue.

We do plan to make it possible to route each individual voice on a staff to a separate endpoint in future, but I’m afraid this is also not currently possible.