Still trying to configure WL Cache files

I have installed @Justin_Perkins ’ preferences and i am now changing and adapting the remaining details to my needs.

I am constantly finding folders and defaults that are related to Justin’s computer and am having a hard time removing all of them.
In most cases without any success.

Although in some cases i can enter my own “location defaults” for certain functions, under >File >Preferences >Folders, the list with non-existant locations remains there at all times.
Of course i can not save or export files into Justin’s computer or into his studio but i think there should be a way to remove the extensive list of “misteryroommastering” folder options.

Is there a way to delete all the remnants from Justin’s folders that pop up everywhere in window options?

Also, .dat files in WL’s “Cache/Windows Config” have entries with Justin’s studio name and his computer folders (even his clients’ names) that i can not remove.

As an example “ExportView.dat” includes an entry like this:
…$ s \Users\mysteryroommastering\Desktop Ø…

I have tried to replace his studio’s folder name with my own and then WaveLab doesn’t open.
I had to reinsert his name.

What’s the solution for this?

…besides starting from ZERO with my own preferences, of course but mine are the ones i was trying to create with Justin’s as a starting point.

Thanks in advance!

I have now replaced “General.dat” in “Users___\ AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 11\Preferences” with the default “General.dat” that is created upon WL’s installation.
It seems to have solved all the folder’s locations that pertained to @Justin_Perkins ’ computer.

Still couldn’t find a solution for the contents of “ExportView.dat” in “Cache/Windows Config” folder.