Still unable to run Dorico 4

I’ve gone through all the steps Daniel listed, several times and almost every day since the post above, 6 days ago. The upgrade from my Dorico Pro 3.5 Education license to Dorico Pro 4 is still showing as “Verification Pending” in the SAM.

I’m running the latest version of the eLicenser, the Download Assistant, and the new Activation Manager version 1.1

I’m grateful that Ulf, from Steinberg Headquarters, shared some posts from other users with tips to try, but none have resolved my problem.

I opened a support request last Saturday, 12 February. Yesterday, I added a comment to that support request with my Steinberg ID email, the update Download Access Code I was emailed, and the serial number of my eLicenser. Apart from my email address, this information was already in the screenshots I sent last Saturday.

I appreciate the Steinberg support team are very busy, but to help manage my expectations, I’d just like to know how much longer I might need to wait for them to reply to me and resolve this issue?

I still have access to Dorico Pro 3.5, but I really miss using the jump bar and all the other fantastic new features of D4.

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I’ve just sent you a private message that should hopefully resolve this to your satisfaction, Harry. Sorry for the delay.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you so much for sorting this out. I really appreciate your help.

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I am currently in the exact same situation as above if you could please help me to resolve this as well.

The same applies to me. I would really appreciate a solution soon.
I can no longer work on all my projects that I have edited with Dorico V4.
Regards, Marien

My colleague bought an upgrade from version 3.5 to 4.0 on the 12.01.2022.
He successfully went through all procedures and has version 4.3 running on his desktop computer.
Now he tries to install Dorico 4.3 on his ThinkPad Laptop, but gets stuck.
I try to help him.
We go to his MySteinberg account, there it does not show any installations on any computer, just this:

We reused the Download access code from the original email to download Dorico, but we don’t get past the SAM (network error).
The laptop is connected to the internet via Wlan (working), still no success.
How can we proceed?
Why is the first installation not listed in his MySteinberg account?
Any help welcome

You don’t need to reuse the Download Access Code on another computer. Once you’ve used the DAC, the license is associated with your Steinberg ID. So at that point all you have to do to install on a new computer is this:

  1. Download and run Steinberg Download Assistant on the new computer. (This will also ensure that required components like Steinberg Activation Manager, Steinberg Library Manager, and eLicenser Control Center are all correctly installed.)
  2. Sign in with your Steinberg ID when prompted.
  3. Under My Product Downloads, select whatever is the appropriate flavour of Dorico 4 shown there.
  4. On the right-hand side, click the Install All button in the top right-hand corner.
  5. Wait for all the progress bars to turn green.
  6. Run Dorico 4 from the Start menu (Windows) or Applications folder (Mac).
  7. When Steinberg Activation Manager runs, sign in with your Steinberg ID.

That’s it.

Thanks Daniel for your immediate reply.
At point 7.) when trying to sign in with the Steinberg Activation Manager, we get this:

It says there is a network problem, either with the computer/ or with the license server.
The computer seems to be connected ok… but we can’t tell about the license server of course.
Btw., it’s on a windows 11 operating system.
Internet is working otherwise with his laptop, so we are re downloading the D 4.3 Appl. Installer (re installing did not help)…
It seems the computer can’t contact the license server…

If I remember correctly with my own installations, the SAM triggered the browser (Safari in my case) and I had to allow something. This bit of the process isn’t happening on this windows computer.

We had to deactivate the firewall to get past the network error: