Still unable to use cubase 12 since launch

Performance issues causing CPU /ASIO overload even with a few simple tracks

Has anyone from steinberg said anything about working on a fix
I put a ticket in a week or two ago, no response

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Are you on Mac/Windows? Which version? More info about your system, please?

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Win 11
Ryzen 3400g 8 cores @4.1ghz
16gb DDR 4 @3200mhz
Fiio k5 ext dac/amp


What Audio Device do you use, please? Have you tested your system by LatencyMon?

FIIO K5 pro DAC/amp
I’ve tried different ASIO drivers max buffer setting,
nothing I set/change makes any positive affect, Cubase 11 ran fine

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Thanks for trying to help me,
but I think there is something going on under the hood of this software

i mean, the core programming /engine could be from Atari days with tacked on code for we know

I’m on MacBook Pro 15 mid 2015 i7 and having the same issue. Terrible cpu/asio-guard overloads, while 2048 buffer, even with little simple tracks with almost no processing, even using only cubase native plugins, until I freeze all the tracks. Cubase 11 works on my laptop still great, tho


I feel your pain.
let’s hope there is a fix soon :smiley:


On my Windows C12 Pro is nothing else than horrible!
Crashing, missing Vsts, not to forget the missing plugins like Loopmash and so on. If i do open C11 Pro projects out of C12, it starts in C11! So for what should i use C12, if i can not open my C11 projects inside C12?
It´s not finished, but we have to pay the full price! And they don´t pay back the money, because it was activated. Yes…it was activated, because i purchased for it and wanted to use it. I could not know before that this software is a big bug! I can not use it, because this software is not finished and it looks like it was not tested enough! But it´s easier to sell the software and let the paying users test and report the bugs. It´s much cheaper for Steinberg.

This software is a bad joke and this was the very last money i spent to any Steinberg Software. 15month ago i came from Logic, now i will go back!

Steinberg, are you kidding us?


You can set .cpr files to be opened by Cubase 12.

(How to Change What Program Opens a File on Windows 10?)

Same here, but due to endless crashes.


Cannot use Cubase Pro 12 at all. But obviously Steinberg doesn’t care: they took my money a month ago. I advice prospective buyers to look somewhere else for working DAWs.

Here is my system:
Windows 11 Pro Version 21H2 OS build 22000.593
Intel Core i9-10850K CPU @ 3.60GHz
64.0 GB RAM
NVMe M.2
RME Fireface UFX
MOTU midi express XT
Last drivers

I am sure some people will find my system insufficient for C12, while at least one will ask for crash logs. All these on the background of Steinberg’s total silence.


If you actually browse the forum you will see they are not “silent”.
But I understand, you have a legitimate complaint.

Its been a nightmare for me as well. Pops, clicks, slowing down my complete computer where I can’t do anything at all. I can’t even compose a small song with few tracks without it crashing or popping and clicking. I’m trying to export a song and that would usually take 2 minutes and its taking 10 minutes. When I play it back pops and clicks everywhere. I also get the stuck on video at load up. I’ve been a Cubase user for years and believe they will fix this and I 100 % think its a software issue. I’ve read every thread on how to fix these issues and nothing has helped. I’m on Windows 10, i7 3.5 GHz, 64 gb ram.


Hey Steve have they posted anything about fixing these issues? I honestly have not seen them post anything. I just wish they would say “hey we know there are some issues and we are working on it.” Thanks Man !!!

Not everyone has time to browse the forum,
An official announcement would be nice

After all, they market it as “professional software”
So the best thing to do is at least keep people in the loop,

people gave them their hard-earned money, after all
They deserve a response

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You obviously have the time. :smiley:

Thanks Makumbaria!
But that´s not what i mean.

I am opening a C11 Pro project OUT OF Cubase 12 Pro. The opened project window shows “Cubase Version 11.0.41…” in the top.

Does it mean, it is opened with Cubase 11? Or is it only a hint, that this project was created with C11? If that’s a hint, what does it mean? It doesn’t matter to me in which version the project was created, as long as it runs in C12! It is confusing!