[Still unSolved]Export MIDI file - adds extra bar?

I’m having an issue exporting midi files…

I can export the loop I want to a midi file, no issues there. The trouble is, not all the time but quite often it will add an extra bar to the loop.
I assume I must be doing something slightly different when I export, but a can’t seem to find out what.

The problem with this is that if I preview the MIDI loop via mediabay a two bar loop (for example) will loop for 3 bars with no data on the 3rd bar, this in turn completely messes with my mojo man. :unamused:

This is what I’m doing…

  1. cut the section of midi I want to export (scissors), say two bars

  2. solo track

  3. set locators

  4. file - export MIDI file

  5. export options… The only box ticked is “export locators range”

  6. ok

Any ideas?

Okay I’ve sorted it…

If I use the range selection tool it won’t add an extra bar.


Haha… Spoke too soon!..

Turns out its not that as its still doing it.

Back to the drawing board. :confused: