Still using Nanologue!

I have had Nanologue since early 2015 and I still love it and use it. I have about 50 synth apps that I use and Nanologue is right there in the mix. I am hopeful that Steinberg will consider updating it to AU.

Hi Musecrafter,

We’re happy to hear that!


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Hi Lars,

Nanologue stopped working since the update to iPadOS 14.5.1.
it‘s not possible to download Nanologue in the appstore with iPadOS 14.5.1.


Same problem, not working now
Lars, please advise on update

Hi all,

Thanks for your messages, please await our feedback.



Any news? With 14.6 still not working.

I think, Nanologue needs an update, which is signed with Apples latest signing certificate.

If I try to reinstall, there is the following message:

Is there a new update for the app?
Have they solved the issue with bug fixes and stuff. Mine was hanging terribly sometimes back!

Hi Lars
Any update yet, a rough timescale would be helpful

Hi all,

Unfortunately, we have no update in regards to Nanologue as of yet.


Nanologue is still available in the appstore but download or update is not possible.

Tap tap … is this
thing on?


Hi Lars
It’s been a long time with no Nanologue or any updates on this thread
Can you advise on progress, I have Cubasis projects that use Nanologue that can’t load it

@AtariBoy , we have released an update. Please have a look at the announcement.

Hi Ed
That’s brilliant, thanks
It’s now working perfectly again
Thank you :blush: