still want to upgrade from 5 studio to 6 artist...


I found it a bit weird that steinberg offers no upgrade from cubase 5 studio to 6 artist. I DID read in the faq that it would actually be a downgrade but I don’t see such a significant downgrade that it would actually impede the experience i have had with the studio line of upgrades I had over the past years.

I had 32 vsti’s limit in 5 studio, I’m not feeling so limited by 64 audio tracks and i certainly think that i don’t need all the stuff like control room and all full plugin set that cubase 6 offers. it would be just much more clutter on my screen honestly and stuff I don’t want to deal with like surround, and beefed up workspace stuff…

So either I spend €200 in upgading to a system which is too much for me, or 300 on a “downgrade that isn’t” because steinberg doesn’t offer me it for €99 or so ?

The way I see it, I’m forced to buy cubase 6 for only the extra value of the plugins and some unlimited stuff I don’t really need. I have bought alot of 3th party plugins.

Therefore, the aim of me to upgrade to a new cubase is to experience improved work flow and 64bit maturation.

So unless I really overlooked something, like maybe there will be not an in-note controller editor or something ? But if every workflow improvement will be in cubase 6 artist, then I just don’t see why I must make the jump to the “high end” edition…

If you look at this page where they have the studio 5 comparison, and then look at the comparison for cubase 6. THe only significant thing I see that you go from 128 to 32 inputs/outputs. Really, i dont even come close to 16 outputs on my system because i just have (and never will) no need for so much outputs.

So I hope Steinberg will revise this policy :frowning:

I have to agree on this.I saw the feature comparison between C6 and C6 Artist and i think that the Artist version is an upgrade to Studio really.More or less the same improvements. I chose to buy 2 Cubase licenses(see signature),one full and one lighter for the road,so i have both C5 and C5 Studio.When you sold and marketed the Studio version you knew there was a group of customers not interested for all the bells and whistles of the full version.So why are you forcing them to pay 200e now?

Steinberg makes no discounts whatsoever for dedicated customers like me (i also own Wavelab 7), i find this unfair and i hope sales people reconsider.

Maybe but there are features such as Batch Export that have been removed from the “defacto” studio version

Not a good move.
Some of my clients who own Studio5 ( due to my encouragement ),
will not pay 200,- for a full V6, which they don’t need.
The only reason for them to upgrade, would be compatibility with my studio.

If this won’t change, I will keep V5 installed and Steinberg will lose money …

bye, Jan

Maybe “feature completeness” needs to be looked at in order to justify this kind of decision.

Personally for myself I will be chugging along on studio for some time yet as I don’t have the power to run W7 and do upgrades very slowly but not so slow as to lag.

Anyway the feature list is nice but being from Australia I have no idea what a new version costs.

Does this mean that almost all prior 6 users are in the cold?

my biggest projects have 24 vsti’s maybe 3 or 4 insert vst’s and 10/12 audio tracks and 36 to 40 midi tracks . This perfectly matches the way the “artist” line would click into my possibilities and needs.

Steinberg finds it important enough to see 128 ins/outs and unlimited trakcs as a full studio reaquirement. While I’ve always been making music in my little project studio that only has a hdsp52/96 and an beringher 8 in/out physical outputs. I just have too much “wasted potential software” if I would upgrade to cubase 6.

I wish I could have a deal with my dealer. What do they have to loose from the steinberg side ? Let them say "hah, he is so dumb he is paying 99 for a “doawngrade”. :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s something that will be more suitable to me.

Yeah, totally agreeable, I am on Cubase Studio 5 and to being “forced” to upgrade to Cubase 6 is paying for lots of capacity which I don’t really need.

The additional cost’s you would be charged is 49,- Euro/Dollar compared to the regular update price.
You would get VST expression 2, Vari Audio, more instruments, more plugins, VST Amp Rack, multitrack editing, Surround, Control room and more.
If you believe this is not worth the price and you are happy with your current Studio version, why not stick with what you have?

Well, not exactly $49, technically Studio 4 to Studio 5 upgrade previously cost $99, so in this case it’s an $100 upgrade for those features u mentioned. Appreciate your point on the extra features, just that I don’t really use Vari Audio and I have enough plugins and virtual amps already. The only thing that got me interested is probably VST expression 2 as I uses Midi alot for orchestration programming. Don’t think that would justify paying $200 for that.

I’d think that vst expression is also in the artist version right? but not 2.0. It’s strange but i never even use it in cubase studio 5, i just do velocity mapping of my eastwest instruments oldschool because i’m used to it .

But still I would like to benifit from internal and workflow optimization + engine optimization. Because if you just stick with cubase 5 you will just be skipping version after version untill there’s one that really becomes irresistible and then you’re paying ful price again so it’s only normal to want to evolve with cubase version if you already invested and dedicated yourself for using that program.

The fact is Steinberg is not treating their customers right.
On Cubase 4 they introduced the Studio version and those 2 were the only compatible.I also owned the full version and i needed compatibility, a lighter feature set and a less expensive product…
Now 2 versions later they end the Studio line and introduce the Artist.Both compatible.OK…But we are NOT allowed to choose it! Even if it’s a downgrade(which i doubt after seeing the comparison chart) ,why don’t they support their product and the ‘‘fools’’ who bought it in an ethical way?

I compared the 149.- for current C5 users with the 199.- for current CS5 users. So it’s rather 50,- bucks but still a good deal when you compare the regular price for both full versions.
On the other side, if the new feature set does not fulfil your needs, any price would be too high anyway. No one is forced to buy the update, for some might it worthwhile to look after version 7. And doin’ just music in the meantime.

Doin’ music will not work, if it incorporates colaborating with other studios / musicians using V6.
Users needing to do so, would in fact be forced to upgrade to full V6.
Only if V5 and V6 are fully compatible in both directions, they would have a choice …
But that would be a first.

Did the market analysts really say, it would bring more income,
to force a few studio users to pay 200,-, than having most studio users pay 99,- ??
I can’t imagine, that this is true.
( OK, there’s still the extra logistics, to offer a 2nd ‘downgrade’, but nevertheless … )

In the name of my clients : Please reconsider.

bye, Jan

I am mainly a Midi user. Come to think about it, if it’s just 99 to get VST Expression 2 plus Halion Sonic SE which can be used along with VST Exp 2, plus loopmash 2 and better hit point, then I will certainly pay that 99 from my point of view. But even that is true, I still have to splash some cash in getting a new system running on Window 7 as I am on Vista. Getting really expensive. But have to change as it is unlikely Steiny would fully support other systems judging from this announcement.
LIke what Dada said, collaboration with others will hit a bummer if I don’t change. Sigh. So, in practice = FORCED to change

The price to “upgrade” from CS5 to CA6 seems to be not much more that what it was going from CS4 to CS5 at the educational discount price.

How this can be interpreted as price gouging is ludicrous one would think.

bump on this one

Is there a chance we get this?
If not,i still have the option to sell my CS5 licence and buy C6 Artist of course…
I would appreciate a response from the moderators


I’m sorry, but there will be not an “downgrade” from Studio to Artist.



ok,thank you for answering

OK, will V6 projects load in V5.5 ?

bye, Jan

Good question but why would you to do that if CA6 has had so many features “removed” and although it’s a new product there is in my view considerable disenfranchisement on the part of Steinberg and I believe they should address the concerns of the userbase during the course of the next update cycle or face an indefinite backlash from the community.