Still with the AAF problems

I am still having trouble importing AAF files from Avid MC even in nuendo 5.5. I get the error message “No composition tracks found”. The files open fine in pro tools which is the biggest kick in the balls because when ever I complain about the files not working all I get from the editor is “they work fine in pro tools”. The only think I can see when opening the files in pro toolsthat could be stuffing it up is that there is an empty video track in the file which pro tools ignores just fine but nuendo screws up. Please please please can you fix this?

I completely agree, and don’t hold your breath.

If you don’t have protools, get it. Even if you only use it as a glorified zip file, you need it in post.

I open problem OMF/AAF in PT and re-export a new one from there. I have had to open problem files in nuendo and re-export for pro tools also.

PT10 is finally not annoying to work in coming from a Nuendo user point of view. Also, it’s nice to be able to work on a protools job by importing thier sessions, doing your work in nuendo and kicking it back out to protools in half the time.

Just saying

Yeah, for the record, I AM an Avid editor, and I just did my own first project in Nuendo and tried to export my own AAF. It didn’t import correctly. What I ended up doing was going into the Format tab of the Avid project, and turning the project temporarily to a standard definition project type, which then allowed me to use the old OMF export function. You can’t do it from and HD project, but you can if you’re in a standard def project.

The OMF imported perfectly, and then I just turned my Avid project back to HD.

I know that sounds convoluted, but it worked. If you have a good relationship with your Editor or his assistant, you might be able to walk them thru that process.

But yes, I too, would love to have a fix for this. What about other conversion utilities? Anything fit the bill at a reasonable cost?


AA Translator -

You will not go too far wrong with this.
Currently no PT10 support, but PT9 to 5 is supported, and everything else too.
You also get a really handy conversion chart telling you what gets translated.
Much cheaper than SSL…although SSL is indeed mighty, it has no PT8, PT9 or PT10 support at all on PC.

I find 5.5. AAF import buggier than 5.1, so I import all AAFs there and then move the session to 5.5.
Annoying but it works for me.


I may have been doing something wrong, being a relative newbie and all, but I couldn’t get AAF import to work AT ALL in 5.5, which is why I fell back on the OMF exports from Avid.



there must be something wrong, because I have used AAFs without any “conversion tools” for the last 2 years without too many glitches.


It would go through the motions, and it appeared like things were working. I followed the manual pretty closely. But when it got done, there wouldn’t be any events (or just a SINGLE event) in my timeline. I tried it multiple times with the same results. Eventually, when I jumped through hoops in my Avid to output an OMF the OMF worked perfectly the first time, so I gave up trying to figure out the AAF issue. Next time, I’ll try it again.


Yeah, try 5.11. It woks pretty well. 5.5. AAF import is really screwed, it seems.