Stock C9.5 plugins with older versions?

I have Cubase 9.5 Pro, but I’d like to be able to use the newer stock plugins (Frequency, VST Bass amp, etc) within C7.5 also. Yes, I know I can open C7.5 project files in a newer version, but in this particular case hardware is a limiting factor and I don’t want to run C9.5 on this particular machine, but it’s very happy running C7.5

In the past I’ve been able to copy over the Cubase Plugin Set file from a newer Cubase version to an older. Is this still possible, and if so can anyone tell me the relevant file locations?



Do I understand it right, you have Cubase 9.5 Pro license, right? But you are using Cubase 7.5. And you would like to use Cubase 9.5 plug-ins in Cubase 7.5. Do I understand it right?

Cubase 9.5 is 64-bit only, so I expect you could do this with 64-bit Cubase 7.5 only (if it will work). No one tested this, so you would use it for your own risk (myself, I would do it, and I wouldn’t recommend it).

I`m not on Windows now, and I don’t remember the path on Windows exactly. Open the Plug-in Information, and select any Steinberg plug-in. Here you can see the path.

Thanks, you do understand me right Martin. I have a C9.5 Pro license, but also run C7.5 64 bit on an older computer. For some daft reason I never thought of checking the paths via the Plug-in information ! Must be getting old…

I guess I should just give it a try and see what happens! (of course, I’ll keep the old C7.5 Plug-in Set file, just in case)