Stock Fx Latency

i have updated from Cubase6, which i have not used much last year…

My Question/Problem:
At most times the amount of latency from a plug-in (Fx) is reported in the “plugin-manager”.
…But not always…
There are some cubase 8 stock plugins where the manager reports “zero”… while it has some.
Compressor, Vst Dynamics, Brickwall Limiter, Cloner<-- Plugin-manager reports zero … doesn’t matter, if the “Live” switch is on or off.

Please someone tell me, i am missing something. ! ? …and what that is…

I tried updating the plug-in list.
3rd Party fx latency is shown alright.

In Cubase 6 the latency of those where shown… Not anymore.
Others are fine. Like: Maximiser or De-esser ->The latency is shown in the manager.

Any tips?

Still… i am not really sure…all is the same.
Everything else works fine.

This has not been answered and I’m wondering as well…

The manual clearly states that the Brickwall Limiter introduces 1 ms of latency but if I insert it on a track and have a look in the plug-in manager it says

latency: 0

Which must mean that the plugin is not reporting correctly to the host.


Or that the plugin can handle the audio inside the buffer setting and does not add additional latency ?
Why do we care ? Cubase has latency competition.

you clearly don’t understand automatic delay compensation.

it only works if the plugin reports its latency to the host.

plugins have fixed latency’s of x samples @given sample rate due to their code.

Steinberg themselves writes in the manual that the plugin induces 1 ms of latency

so why isn’t that reported to the host?

If I look in the plugin manager I can see that my Waves L2 is reporting latency

I know REVERENCE for instance reports it as 0 but it definitely was causing latency on my live VE PRO tracks. I love that plug but had to replace it in my template with another convolution reverb that was not adding any latency to the live tracks.

With your own clear understanding of how it works I’m surprised you didn’t bother testing this for yourself :wink:

Put the same audio loop on 2 tracks, put brickwall limiter on one of them but put the controls so no effect is happening.
Reverse phase of either track = Complete null.

If you want to hear what uncompensated 1ms latency is like set the delay in inspector to 1.00

So the manual may be wrong, the plugin manager may not be showing it, but we just proved one way or the other that it is either being compensated perfectly or that it actually has no latency.