Stock plugins missing when I upgrade to Cubase Elements

Hi all,

I recently upgraded to Cubase Elements from Cubase LE. I can see the software has indeed upgraded, though all the plugs are the old ones from Cubase LE. Is there a separate process to get the stock plugins? I did not see any indication of this online.

Thank you for any ideas!

Hi. According to this you should have 25 new plugins, by my quick count.

Compare Cubase Editions

Make sure you download all the content from the Steinberg Download Assistant for Cubase Elements.

Did you previously make a custom VST bank and it is the one that is currently selected ?

I highly suspect it is the case, and that’s why the new plugins are not added automatically to your custom list.
I you select the default list, the plugins should be there. You just have to add them manually to the custom list.