Stock plugins that we miss

I think that today there is little or no doubt that Cubase Pro 10 comes with a very complete stock plugin set, with which you work a mix or mastering almost without needing third-party plugins.
Here you can see this tutorial that I have recorded in this regard:
However, for future versions of Cubase stock plugins set, I think we miss this 4 plugin types:

  1. Color EQ; like Pultec, API550, Abbey Road RS56, Neve 1073, etc.
  2. VCA Comp; like API 2250 or the SSL Bus Comp, mainly for mix bus glueing or instrument busses.
  3. Vari-Mu Comp; like the Fairchild.
  4. Dynamic EQ; like Waves F6. If we already have a multiband compressor, that’s necessary a dynamic EQ.
    Also, instead of 4 types of compressors in different plugins, it could be done (as in Logic) a compression plugin with 4 sound alternatives: Optical, FET, Vari-Mu or VCA.
    And last, it would be awesome this new comps and the Color EQ integrated with the native channel strip.
    Greets! :wink: