Stock Plugins You'd Like To See? I'd Like To See Sound Design Orientated Plugins

I’ve seen some people on various sites become annoyed that new plugins are added with new versions, instead of more features and improvements.

I think some of the latest additions have been superb.

However, in the future, I would really like to see more plugins that are orientated towards SFX design. Glitch makers, swoosh makers, vocoders, manglers, etc. This is a big industry, both at a high levels and “blue collar” levels of the industry.

FX Modulator was in the right direction and a great addition for both music and SFX design.

I will reference some already existing plugins on the market perhaps Steinberg could draw from.

  • SugarBytes Effectrix or (similar) Illformed Glitch 2

  • Zynaptiq Morph 2 and Wormhole

  • Xfer LFO Tool

  • DestroyFX Buffer Override, Scrubby, Geometer

  • iZotope Trash 2

  • Cableguys Time Shaper

Also think REVerence could be expanded on a bit, the concept is great, but check out something like AudioThing Fog Convolver.

Thanks and happy music making,

I’ll pass …

As you have already mentioned, plenty of other folks concentrating on this sort of thing already.

I don’t mean to belittle your request, but I don’t think the majority of Cubase users need this sort of thing as a “stock” feature.


Hello my friend, your opposition is fair and more than welcome. Feel free to point out different types of plugins you would like, if not in the realm of SFX design.

I will however oppose your opposition by pointing out that the video game industry is bigger than the film and music industry combined. Sometimes, I am wearing both hats as many Cubase users do, in that I am both composing and doing some SFX design work.

Beyond that, these tools are also applicable to Electronic Music, as well as TV/Film scores and SFX. Both target demographics for Cubase.

In regards to others already making them, there is a benefit to having integrated tools over 3rd party tools - support, finer integration to the DAW (making full use of the VST SDK because they know how), prone to less error (updates, incompatibility, OS problems, etc). I try to keep my plugin list as whittled down as possible, so any stock plugin that eliminates 1-3 3rd party tools is very very welcome by me.

Thanks for your input @Scab_Pickens, and happy music/sound making,

Your perspective is very interesting, indeed. Perhaps the Cubase market is changing. There are so many different types of Cubase users. It’s such a deep and complicated software already that I am sure it is difficult for the developers to decide on what to add next.


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Interesting times, very exciting imo.

I see a lot of people in the video game sound design world utilizing Reaper because of it’s customize-ability and custom scripts - check out NVK_create.

I think Steinberg can do some things to better attract this crowd away from Reaper, and potentially, Steinberg could create more upgrade path incentives for Cubase users to Nuendo.

I will add to my original request here also in terms of plugins: FM (frequency modulation) and PM (Phase modulation) are exceptionally useful synthetic sound design tools.

Happy music making,

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Just wanted to chime in and say how refreshing it is to see two people talk about their different views intelligently and in a meaningful way that doesn’t put anyone else down. Good stuff, should happen more often.