Stock samples + audio not draggable onto workspace

Hey everyone,

I’ve just started exploring Cubase 13 today and came across a small hiccup. When accessing the Cubase stock samples on the media window, the files won’t preview or drag onto the main workspace.

I can load my personal samples/sounds, but just not the stock ones. I’ve also noticed that the little icon on the stock samples is a minus sign, as opposed to a little audiowave.

I’m sure it’s a really obvious fix but the whole thing is a bit new to me. Anyone know what the solution could be?


Hey there and welcome to the community. If you could try either pressing (f5) to bring up the media bay window and rescan.
Followed by system restart.
Let me know how you go @godan9370

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It was the computer restart… I feel like an absolute dunce but thanks a million!

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We’ve all been there x