Stock Stereo Enhancer question

Is it at all possible to only affect the stereo width of the mids and highs and contain the original bass spread untouched with the stock stereo enhancer plugin?

For containment of bass spread I use A1 stereo control. But only the bass part. Honestly, I don’t know with the stock enhancer plugin. I have this bad reasoning that most any 3rd party is going to be better than stock. I think I was right years ago, but I shouldn’t think that way any longer.

Generally, I prefer altering M/S plus slight EQ maybe tiny delay manipulation for stereo width. But in a hurry, just slap on SHEPPi.

I still use Bob Katz K stereo Ambiance Recovery sometimes on individual tracks then focus on the low end. It’s also a good reverb reduction tool. If you don’t use UAD, and don’t have an aversion toward 32 bit you can try the free SHEPPi which is a copy of Bob Katz design, but fewer controls. I like that better than any Waves tools, but difficult for me to put in words as to the reason.

Have you compared the stock with the A1?

Nope, but simply send to a stereo enhancer FX track with a high pass filter as the first plug in.

Thanks Greg! I’ll check out the A1 now. It looks like it has the right stuff.

Thanks Peppa I’ll try that idea too. Cheers