Stolen Activation Key and eLicencer

Hello, I am working in a school as a music teacher. Last year we bought Cubase 10 pro education for our school. After covid-19, we started to work from home, and my other teacher friend (who s responsible for the records and arrangements for school works) take the pc to his home to get things done. But like June school told him that he wont be working here next year.

After that, he left the pc to school (at the end of summer i guess), so when we start to get to work again, i realised there was no eLicencer on pc’s usb slots. When i tried to ask him about it he started to yell like ‘what do you mean’ do you think i got it etc… Now, the situation is that, i m trying to get into the account that we have our activition, there was cubase 10 pro under my products when i installed it, but now it s empty!!

This iss what i guess. He has the pc for a while. Mysteinberg account was saved on chrome on that pc. So when he get into mysteinberg he could deactivite our key from the account. And then activated it on his own account. So now he has the dongle, and he has the activition.

I know it seems desperate, we can do something about it, but we should be sure first not to blame someone for wrong. So we need to know when our own account deactivated the key, so when we prove that when this thing was done he has the pc at his home, then it s easy. Does anyone have and idea about what to do?

Hi and welcome,

Please get in contact with official Steinberg support. They can track the USB-eLicenser. If it has been moved to other MySteinberg account, they can find it.

thank you so much for the help. Actually i dont know how to contact official support. The support that i could find on website was telling me to talk to distribtor in my country (TR) i told them the situation too, sent screenshots and stuff too. But they are a bit negative bout it, saying it like, "we dont think steinberg wil help someone deleted it from the system. Would be so nice to write an e mail to official support, but does anyone know a mail address or something? Thank you again


I sent you PM.

I’d say that Steinberg is right in this case as there is no evidence for a theft on their side. If I buy a used Cubase license then the last thing that I want is that the previous owner just grabs the license again just by sending a support request.

Please report this case to the police. If they want to go after the thief then they will contact Steinberg (with your permission of course) to trace the stolen dongle to the account of the new “owner”.