Stolen Macbook Pro and Cubase 8 Dongle (Need new license)


I messaged Steinberg a few weeks ago requesting a new license number for my Cubase, as my dongle was stolen.

I still have my discs, and can retrieve proof of purchase and even give them the crime reference number if they would like,

I would just like to be able to use the £200 program I purchased, on my replacement Macbook pro without having to needlessly purchase another copy of Cubase as I am already shelling out nealy £1000 for the laptop.

The eLicenser was registered.

Is there something they can do?

Every Steinberg license you had in that eLicenser should be safe if you registered it to your MySteinberg.

See “2. Procedures for lost/defective USB-eLicensers”:

If you need to use Cubase urgently, follow this link:

Make sure to read the instructions carefully.