Stomp Pack

So far, I find the phasers to be just phasers, no better or worse than all the others that run from freeware to expensive, including the built in Cubase phaser. So far these are JAP (Just another phaser(s)). Really trying to find something that makes them stand out.

But, the Flanger has really caught my attention. It is kick butt. I have an external ChoralFlange that I use because of the amazing thickness and clarity it provides, without degrading the source. This plug is an equal. UA has just released a DBX unit that is also much better than the current crop of this type of effect. I’ll probably spring for the pack for the Flanger alone.

No comment on the wah yet.

Thanks for your comment! Of course it is always a matter of taste and depends on the material you use. For example, you can hear the flanger sounds in the campaign teaser on the Yamaha Vintage Plug-In Collection product website very well.

Have fun!

I do think the stompboxes are OK, it gives for sure a vintage sound if your after that!
Works good on rythmic guitars and keys.

You know I like the Flanger, but it’s really disappointing that all of the plugs don’t show off all of the VST 3 capabilities. Where is the side chain on the modulation plugs? Where is the Input/Output control. Where is the A/B. Where are the audio re-routing options?

I know these are “vintage”, but you can have the “vintage” capability with all of the other stuff added. If you guys aren’t going to take VST 3 seriously, why should anyone else?