Stop adding more instruments, fx plugins and libraries - and focus 100% on WORKFLOW!

seriously - why the F! do DAW makers keep cramming in more instruments , samples, FX plugins etc etc - instead of giving us a release that just focuses 100% on improvements and new features for actual DAW workflow???

We’ve had enough bundled instruments, libraries, plugins and FX for aeons now - and we all know once a user has used a DAW in anger they simply begin to acquire 3rd pty plugins and libraries etc- as and when they want!


IMO because it sells. Marketing. Follow the money. Prosumers are in the DAW drivers seat.

We all know?

3rd party plug-ins being “better” is somewhat a paradigm of the past. There are some very good Cubase VST’s that could be “better” than 3rd party plugs. Sometimes you need to close your display and just listen. Also some are outsourced and are from 3rd party developers made for Cubase.

As an example I mentioned recently, the Cubase Frequency is better than anything else…in that it uses not only multiple side chain inputs, but multiple side chain sources. There is no other VST that does that. Do users know that? It seems based on some comments not many users even understand the sources vs. inputs difference.

I always look at what I have first, before looking for a 3rd party VST.

It’s simple - different customers have different needs.

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I used to suffer from the same disease. It’s called “I’m a normal user so surely everybody else is like me”, sometimes in conjunction with “I saw a couple of strangers on the internet sharing my opinion, therefore everybody thinks like me”.
Took me several years to get cured, though occasionally I fall back into old habits.

These forums are actually a place where I learned a lot about how other people use the same software in many different ways. Sometimes in ways I could have never imagined. That alone is already a good reason to hang out here.


I feel MoonOnAStick on this one. While I like Cubase, it takes a long time to get stuff done. I stumbled on some old .mid files I created way back when using Cakewalk Sonar, and I was curious to hear them again. I had to import the files before I could hear them and see the midi data. However, using Studio One, I could open the files without having to import them. Now the general midi in Studio One compared to Cubase is horrible, but these were simply sketches I wanted to hear quickly. That’s just one tiny example, but they begin to add up. Like I said earlier, I like Cubase, but you can get work done a lot faster in other DAWs. It is indeed time for Steinberg to modernize and focus more on workflow.

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Please enlighten me on this side chain source vs inputs. I use frequency 2 all the time, it’s an amazing plug-in, but usually only sidechain kick to bass to let the beater through. I’d love to know more about why Frequency 2 is kick ass! Not once have I yearned for a different EQ (unless it’s analog modelled), but that’s a totally different tool.


Dom sigalas 5 powerful frequency tips
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I agree. Tired of seeing plugins on the main list of improvements on Cubase releases. Please update the application.

Getting people to upgrade Elements or Artist buy adding new plugins kinda makes sense. But when you get to the Pro end of the scale, not so much.

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