Stop all audio - Panic Shortcut

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I’ve been looking for a feature that I found on other daws and that I would like to also use in Cubase. I don’t know if it’s available though. I’m looking for a panic/mute shortcut. one that would stop rendering the sound. There are 2 scenarios in which I would use such a shortcut. One is when I did sth wrong to the volume automation and all of the sudden the signal wants to rip my speakers. Second is when you have a long pad and you press “Space/Num0” the sound is still played by the synth.

Is there a shortcut like that in Cubase?


Maybe this will help…
If you have your main stereo out channel selected, pressing “m” will mute all tracks.

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That’s a thought. That will definitely work in the “Automation error” scenario. Thanks!

However, I will have to wait for the Synth to stop plaing in the latter… Would you know a way around this?


For a button “in Cubase” I don’t but, maybe some else will have a suggestion.

Currently, I don’t use the “Control Room” feature in Cubase. But, I would think there would be some kind of “master mute” that could be enabled by a key command in the CR. Again, maybe someone else who knows more about the CR can comment on this.

FWIW (maybe something you could use)… The output signal for my monitors run through a PreSonus HP4 headphone preamp. It has a “mute” button for the monitors. I use that button all the time to mute my monitors any time I use my headphones. On rare occasion, I have used that mute button as a panic to immediately silence my monitors.

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Thanks again. I’ll try searching for that feature in CR. I’ve been using it, but “Mute” wasn’t all that obvious tbh… I’ll dig deeper. Unfortunately my audio interface doesn’t have such a feature, which is why I am looking for a software solution…

I don’t think the CR has a Mute control (odd omission). But it seems like you could emulate one using either the dim function/levels or create a dummy Audio Output that doesn’t go anywhere. Then in CR change to that “speaker” when you want to mute.

just create a project logical editor preset that does that, assign it to a keycommand and you’re good to go!

That or you could probably target the master mute in Generic Remote if you have some kind of controller with a programmable button

If you use quickkeys or keyboard maestro, you can create a macro that will select, studio (menu item) then studio setup, your audio interface and then click the button labeled control panel. This will halt all audio from being rendered in case of a crash or driver error. If programmed correctly the whole thing should run and be done in a matter of seconds.

You could also get an analog monitor controller and hit mute.


Buy a monitor controller:

Or create a keycommand for mute master, or keycommand for mute controlroom.

I use the mackie big knob passive…


Good question and many good answers in the thread.

As an aside, a safety concept that is sometimes overlooked, the Cubase OM suggests a Brickwall Limiter for the inserts in the Control Room:

After reading the comments here I’m going to run and create a macro to Mute Mix Bus (or maybe Stereo Out) for the Generic Remote. This way one Controller Pad press will mute the output. I’d not thought of this however obvious it may be. This is good for when the system goes haywire in some way – stuck MIDI, audio glitch. Good panic button concept.

Press the Red Button! :slight_smile: