Stop auto hide of inserts and sends in Mixconsole


New to Cubase and it must be obvious fix but how do I stop the Insert section being hidden/collapsing when clicking Sends section and visa versa. I just want to see the Inserts and Sends at the same time in the MixConsole.

I saw some posting about exclusive mode. I could only find Expand Section Exclusively but that did not make any difference.

What am I doing wrong?


Which Cubase version do you use, please? In Cubase 13, the auto-collapse has been removed in the Inspector. In the previous Cubase version, hold down Ctrl/Cmd while opening the other section, to keep the original section open, please.

In the MixConsole, the sections remain expanded in all Cubase versions.

Cubase 13. In the MixConsole if I click the word “Inserts” on any channel then the insert section displays all inserts but when I click the word “Sends” on any channel then the Send section displays all sends but the Insert section collapses so I can no longer see the Inserts.

The Inspector works how I would expect it to i.e. I open a section, it expands and stays expanded if I open another section.

Even the new Channel in the Edit Window works correctly. Just not the MixConsole

On a Mac, right click (two finger tap on track pad) on the inserts/sends/eq etc section header and select/deselect “expand sections exclusively” to change the behaviour to your taste.

It’s the same on Windows. :wink:

I read somewhere here, you need to right-click and untick ‘open exclusive’ or some-such; this is on by default… can’t remember exactly the wording, sorry…

Thanks for the replies but unfortunately selecting “Expand Sections Exclusively” or de-selecting “Expand Sections Exclusively” makes no difference to the behaviour in MixConsole in Cubase 13 running on Windows 10.

Maybe it is a bug in Cubase 13

Has anyone else got this issue? If so I will lodge a support ticket with Steinberg. I went straight to C13 so cannot see if it was working in C12 and broken in C13.

I found a way to keep Insert and Sends open at the same time in Mix Console. Turn off “Expand Sections Exclusively” and then Ctrl + Click Inserts and Ctrl + Click Sends.
Is this expected behaviour?

If Turn On “Expand Sections Exclusively” and Ctrl + Click Inserts and Ctrl + Click Sends then Cubase crashes so it appears something is not right here.

I found a number of other C13 MixConsole issues reported in the forum and a workaround on the Steinberg support portal so maybe this is another issue.


Yes, it worked like this in Cubase 12 and older. Since Cubase 13, it doesn’t close the tabs anymore.