Stop cursor relocating during tempo change

I’m sure this is easy but I’ve searched the manuals and Google and can’t find a solution.

With a fixed tempo track - if I change the base tempo the cursor moves to a different measure.

Eg - I’m at tempo 150 and bar 100. If I change the tempo to 75 (eg. to enter a complex MIDI keyboard line) the cursor relocate to measure 50(!)

There has got to be a way to stop this but I cannot find it. Help please(!)


I also find this annoying (Cubase 6).
The cursor shouldn’t move when the ruler is set to Bars + Beats - but it does.

I can’t find a Preference that affects it.

LOL - Glad I’m not alone.

I understand it when you are working with audio - you want the cursor to stay in the same time location regardless of the measure.

But for MIDI work, you want the cursor to remain in the same measure and beat, regardless of the actual time element.

I have wasted two days trying to find it - I’m doing a highly complex orchestral arrangement and I am constantly getting lost.

Workaround if Cubase Elements has Marker key commands
This still takes time, but it might help - especially if the cursor has moved off the screen after a tempo change.

Set up two key commands:

  1. Set Marker 1
  2. To Marker 1

Before tempo change - Set Marker 1
After tempo change - To Marker 1

Of course any marker number can be used, If you already have markers in your project.

Yeah I’ve tried the marker approach, but I am navigating between (literally) dozens of sections. I am composing as I go, and often an idea here prompts me to redo something over there, etc. Hence creating markers is even more of a hassle than having to relocate the cursor.

I’m using Cubase 7.5 (full version) by the way. Will migrate to 8 shortly, but only after I finish my current project.

This would be a feature request, but certainly gets my vote :wink:.