Stop Nuendo 12 from asking for ILOK License

Hi, I tried a plugin from Aurora/RHINO. Using ILOK. I do not want it, After installed N 12 ,Nuendo keeps asking for this license on every start up… Did not happen with N 11.
Attache screenshot.

The plugin is asking, not Nuendo.
Uninstall it correct, to disable the screen.
I had the same with an PA plugin.

As already mentioned, the license check is done by the plugin itself (not Nuendo as host). If that license check message keeps appearing, that means the plugin is still getting loaded at some point (e.g. during the scan) and complains about the missing license. If you do not want to use that one, uninstall it completely to get rid of it.

Just out of curiosity: Is it possible to remove the plugin in Nuendo using the plugin manager so that it isn’t “loaded” on boot?

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Hi Thanks… But, IHAVE uninstalled it but can not get rid of it from ILOK, I read that you can not delete a trial-product . You are right about that it is not a Nuendo thing but there are so many clever people here so therefore asking in this forum :slight_smile: I really do not know where it can hide if there still is some leftover in my computer.?
Mattias-There Is No "RHINO " in the Plug In Manager…

It WAS hiding in COMMON Files Finally, SOLVED!

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On my problem with the PA plugin trial, I just deleted the vst3-file from the plugin folder.