Stop playback sounds a midi note

Basically something is triggering a midi note when I stop playback. This happens every time playback is stopped as well as some other seemingly random events. This has happened to me once before a few weeks ago, and I can’t remember how I resolved it.

The first time this happened it was a kick drum, and this time it’s a piano. With the kick at least it was one hit of the kick and that was it. With the piano the note is sustained so I have to mute the channel

The only thing I can do that I’ve been able to determine is to delete the instrument and create a new one. Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Check your Cubase Studio Setup, if something connected as a Mackie Control, Generic Remote or Quick Control.

If yes, maybe check if that hardware is set to midi-though.

p.s. I’m assuming you don’t have any midi loopback software running.

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Thanks for the reply. No loop-back software running. I’ll check the studio setup shortly. I turned off my midi and it was still happening so I know it’s not faulty midi gear sending a note hit.

I’m also going to point out the weird part is that it happens when playback is stopped or if I copy and paste something. So it’s def not midi gear.

As I wrote to Nico5 I turned off my midi gear to rule that out as a cause. its def an internal issue. And again as I wrote previously it happens when playback is stopped, copying and pasting, I can rule out midi gear though. So it’s something else.