Stop playing at right locator?

Is there any way to tell Nuendo to stop playing at the right locator and return the transport to the start position? I’ve only been able to partially get there by:

  • defining a cycle marker that matches the locators
  • selecting the cycle marker
  • “play to selection end”

But that doesn’t return the transport to the start position, regardless of that preference.

Any way to do this without having to keep reselecting the cycle marker? I want to audition in context from the current cursor position without having to mouse around a bunch.



you could try toggling nuendo into edit mode, (transport, edit mode - in keycommands)

select your cycle marker once, play to end, or just stop and start. cursor will return to your cycle maker or selections start point. This way you can nav over to the next marker with a quick key command

I still get hosed because I lose the cycle marker selection as soon as I make an edit. I guess what I’m looking for is a mode that says:

“whenever I hit the spacebar, play from location X then stop at location Y” AND

“don’t modify this behavior if I click or edit anything”

Seems like it must be possible. Once again, the other-DAW apologist comes out: trivial in Pro Tools and Digital Performer.


Jason, do you still lose the selection of the cycle marker if you ‘divide track list’ and then toggle the maker track into the top track list leaving the rest of your session on the bottom one? I have a feeling when I have the track list divided my selections stay on above the line even if I make different selections below the line. Could be wrong - but worth a go…


That does work to keep the cycle marker selected. And I can use “play to selection end” and the transport will stop. But it won’t return to start position with edit mode on or off, regardless of the state of “return to start position on stop”.

It looks like you can’t have it both ways. You can either stop at the end of the selection, or return to start.

I’m changing the title of this thread to a [FR] for coherent behavior of start, stop and return to start regardless of selection or edit mode. Steinberg, please study the behavior of the transports in your competition.