Stop Plugin Scan

How its the best way to stop plugin scan every time Dorico start?

Dorico shouldn’t need to rescan the plug-ins on every start, only if the plug-ins change.

I think that the problem was my authorisation was pending because e Licenser problems, but now Elicenser reauthorise my Upgrade and stoped to rescan, but I am having problem trying to change Chord Symbol aparece, Dorico almost crash (Don’t crash but freeze) and stop to responding.
And I can’t found where are my Saved chords I change in 3.5.The chord symbol aparece looks empty

Where can I found my Chord Symbols aparece modifications (That I did before 4.0?

Shall we deal with that in the thread you opened about that issue, rather than this one?

I just mentioned this in a 2-year-old thread, but mine is scanning every time I launch, too.

@dspreadbury - long time since I’ve written to you, and thank you for Dorico.

Mine is scanning as well if I don’t have my iLok in which is kind of a drag.

I find if I launch with a cmd-opt-shift the splash screen is white, rather than dark, and it skips directly into usability. is that your expected behavior?

actually, never mind… not only does that launch ‘some other version’ of dorico with its accompanying dialogue box saying i’ll not be able to edit, but playback is useless without kontakt, lol.

This is one of the most annoying things about the iLok-system: when you don’t have it plugged in, all the plugins are going wild.

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There’s no mechanism to prevent Dorico from loading specific VST3 plug-ins (you can block VST2 plug-ins, on the other hand), so unfortunately there’s no good way to avoid this at the moment.