Stop plugin windows from automtically unfolding?

I’ve noticed that Ozone plugins tend to automatically unfold themselves when I switch from tab to tab within a project and press play in the open tab. They pop themselves over whatever area of the screen they had been folded and parked at. No other plugin does this. It’s irritating. Is this behavior that Wavelab controls?

Specifically, the plugin unfolds the moment I press play. It takes focus… sort of. The Alt key no longer highlights “Edit” in the Wavelab menu bar, but the plugin menu bar stays light grey (dark theme) meaning it’s not the active window. All other keystrokes seem to be passed to Wavelab, but I’m not sure that the plugin has any built-in keyboard commands to capture. Once I click somewhere within the Wavelab workspace, the Alt key then highlights “Edit” on the Wavelab menu bar. So I can’t quite tell what’s going on.

I typically have have one Ozone plugin open, plus a couple of Steinberg ones (gain, resampling). All in the Master Section. Whatever state the other plugins are in, they stay that way as I move from tab to tab within the project. And the Ozone plugin doesn’t always unfold. As I was writing this, and experimenting, some of them now stay folded the way I set them. But not always.

Does anyone know whether I can control this behavior, either in the Ozone plugin or in Wavelab? Thanks.