Stop rendering muted events when Rendering in place

This is so annoying it feels like it’s a bug, but someone must have felt like it’s a good idea…it’s not! When You try and render several midi clips that are on one track and if some of those clips are muted…well if you render that track to one event then all the muted stuff magically becomes unmuted and included. Bad call! Please fix this.

I posted about this as soon as the Render in place feature was released. Apparently someone thinks this is how it should work but I agree with you 100%. This is annoying behavior and should be either fixed or there should be a preference option on how it should work.


That’s nuts. Under what workflow would that be helpful?


That’s just so wrong, what were they thinking?

As a workaround (not that one should be needed) you could create a macro that duplicates the track, uses the PLE to delete the muted parts from the duplicate track and then renders it.

I don’t think it’s “supposed to work like this” but rather an oversight. You technically do select the event to render it so that’s what it does, but that doesn’t mean it’s intended to work like that in this scenario.

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Scratch that, I can’t reproduce this. I tried both MIDI tracks and Instrument tracks with three MIDI events. I muted the one in the middle, and rendering all events resulted in the middle event not being heard.

It does still create an audio event for the muted part, where you can hear the tail of the previous parts. That probably shouldn’t happen.

+1 … I mean … Duh!!!

Have you tried this for yourself?

OK, I confess I have not - I am assuming the OP is relating something he has experienced first hand. If he is being accurate, the “duh” is clearly warranted. If not, then … well, my bad, but should not you direct this question to him?

In any case, I overlooked your post right before mine, so sorry about jumping the gun. Hopefully the reported behavior is not standard operating procedure.

I can confirm that rendering does not create audio for the muted MIDI Part. When I selected all the Parts on the Track it did cause the muted Part to generate a silent section in the middle of a single Audio Event. But when I didn’t select the MIDI Parts & only selected the track it generated 2 Audio Events. The 1st for all the midi before the muted Part. Then the 2nd Audio Event began where the muted Part ended & the next unmuted Part began.

Here’s a pic of my test.

Thanks for doing this test raino!

Did you happen to have any verb/delay on the part just prior to the muted one? One of the posters above said the verb/delay snuck into the muted/silent portion.

Thanks again!

Yeah, you can see the tails in the pic. But that doesn’t seem wrong to me - after all I hear them when playing back the MIDI Parts. Generally I wouldn’t want to have the tails truncated just because the MIDI Part that generated the audio is followed by a muted MIDI Part. If I’d have deleted the MIDI Part instead of muting it I’d also get the same audio results, tails included (assuming the render settings allow the tails to be captured). This same behavior should also occur for patches with slow envelope release times.

In the off chance that I did want the tail truncated - that’s what the Scissors Tool is for. :wink:


Would someone who has actually experienced this behavior (not just heard about it) please post a step by step description (including the render settings used) of how to replicate it.

As it stands djw and I have both tested to see if the problem exists. And neither of us have been able to recreate the issue described in the OP.

I tried it:
made a midi clip duplicate it 4 times and muted only one… I’ve selected all midi clips (ctrl A) … AND the result was a wav with a muted event.

So For me it does not render muted events. (i saw that people saying that it renders muted clips are on cubase 9.0.20…was it fixed in 9.0.30?)

This thread shows that people who test the issue find it works correctly, and that those who are responding without saying they have actually tested it are commenting with opinions about it.

So I’ll lock this thread. If the OP, mbira can still reproduce, please start a new thread in the issues forum.