Stop reset on multi-timbral midi channel keyswitching

This is probable not going to be very popular since it’s an advanced template fonction that not may people use but here it goes.

When working with large orchestras like with EWQL’ Play 5 or any Kontakt libraries, a lot of composers will use keyswitch patches. Others like myself will use multi-timbral fonctions to load 16 articulations assigned to 16 midi channels on one instance/track. This option offers a lot more flexibility as I can choose 16 articulations of my choice within Play 5 or Kontakt and I can even mix different libraries on the same instance/track.

Then Cubase is built well enough so that I can build an expression map and map those midi channels so I can trigger them as if they where keyswitch patches with “Notes” of even “Program Changes” but here’s the big down part.

Whenever I play/stop, or move the cursor, the midi channel or program change resets to default value. I cannot just press a key to chose an articulation and that articulation stays selected. It renders this whole method and process very frustrating. It’s so close to be working 100% so please Steinberg, make this tiny extra step so that we can use these multi-timbral patches correctly. I have tried every possible chase scenario and nothing stops the midi channel or program change from resetting when moving the cursor.