Stop Reverb

I’m applying reverb to a VST instrument and I would like it to be clipped completely at a certain measure. How do I go about doing that? All help is appreciated.

Add it on a send and then automate mute the return channel
Automate the bypass
Render it and edit the audio

Hi Grim,
Thanks for the quick response. I assume you’re proposing three different approaches. My problem is that I don’t know how to go about automating a channel. Could you elaborate? Thanks!

Ahh, you’ve just asked Grim to write a small book explaining automation. Automation is a big topic. Your question is best answered by reading a description that is already written - the manual.
A) It will likely be a better written response (sorry Grim, in general you write just fine :wink: ).
B) It will be a more complete description.
C) It will include handy pictures.
D) It won’t use up a bunch of Grim’s time.

I used to be a software engineer. I’m used to reading and writing specs, manuals, proposals, etc. I have a film score due tomorrow. If I had the time to hunt for the info that can be explained in three sentences, I would not post to the forum. Perhaps I should post my own answer in a couple sentences after I find it so others can benefit…

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Bring up MixConsole & locate channel to be automated
  2. Click W in the automation area (next to R)
  3. Playback at desired location and click or slide anything you desire to record automation
  4. Stop playback

Was this so hard?

Exactly. And you got your answer quicker too.

That is not the point. I got lucky to find the answer so quickly. It was also at the cost of my creative process. Thank you so much for your kind attitude…