Stop rigid licensing plan for Cubase

Thinking on moving to Cubase from Logic to take full advantage of Console 1. Wtf :smiley: One License?? on a dongle ?? You got to be kidding… I use a main rig and laptop and absolutely hate having a license dongle sticking out. That’s why I stopped using any plugin like Altiverb, Lexicon Pcm to avoid that stupid dongle. Softube hand out 3 lincenses that can be stored locally… Steinberg - read some Dalai Lama and stop your paranoia and start rewardimg your customers instead of making their life harder than it should be :smiley: :smiley:

We call this peeing into the wind here

Weird :slight_smile: Looks like it’s not creative or marketing people who are the top dogs at Steinberg. It must be the paranoia men in a suit who has come up with this. It’s just awfull PR and hits me right in the gut as a potential new customer…