Stop Ruining Nuendo!

Stop ruining Nuendo. With every new version you are ruining some fundamental things that people get used long long time ago (from version 2).
DOP still working like a crap with RX. Interface looks uglier and uglier. FIXED NUMBER OF SLOTS - where is it??? Stop! Just stop! Fix bugs. You are leaving bugs in versions and move to a new one.
“I don’t understand the need of developers to “fix” things that weren’t broken, breaking more stuff up in the process, while real bugs and half-implemented features stay unresolved.”

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If you look at threads about it you’ll see it seems clear this is actually iZotope’s fault, not Steinbergs.

I disagree and so do some other people. People have different opinions about it. Regardless, Steinberg have said they’re going to tweak it in upcoming updates.


Ha! In your face! I told you so. The Nays have it. The new GUI is U-G-L-Y!! LOL

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It seems like any time a company makes a big UI change, people get big mad about it. Doesn’t matter what the change is to/from, people hate on how it looks to begin with… but then often looking back the old UI ends up being “ugly”.

You see that with Windows. Lots and lots of complaining about the flat look when it first came out and how ugly it looked compared to Windows 7… but now people think 7’s glossy look is extremely dated.


DOP it’s truly a disater, or…benifit!?
Let’s ignore the compalitiy with Izotope RX first(which is cause a lot of problem)
Whole liquidsonics product can’t process on the clip.
The GUI of Exponential Audio’s Stratus and Symphony display error, I need call it 3 or 4 time to make it display correct.( This is belong Izotope, too)
When you delete a plugin from DOP chain, it may cuase some problem.
ARA2 not stable.
DOP is convenient, you can copy, paste and delete, I don’t need to learn the noise again and again or make the same EQ curve or the other something. Just need to find previews clip, copy and paste, it’s all done. But also cause problem, because of its design, make process is not linear.
Maybe software Developer need to re-codeing the plugin for DOP?

Which version of them? I’ve been running v2.x of the 3D versions since N13 came out and have no problems so far.

Both 3.2.0 3D version
Still on N12, not update to N13

If you edit an audio clip with the DOP, then subdivide the edited audio clip further and edit the new audio clips again in the DOP. Then it often happens that the processes are not completed. In my case these are plugins from Waves. The error has existed for years. I know how to deal with it.

The new subdivision of the plugin inserts is not good. I would like to have the old one back. The new division doesn’t look good either.

Rename events from list:
This has been broken since version 11. Copy & paste and importing special characters like ä ö ü no longer works properly. This affects many European countries. Steinberg has been known for years.

I would also prefer existing things to finally be fixed.

I agree. For me N13 GUI is more schematic than N12. N12 looks smarter.
N13 introduces bugs like you can’t select several tracks with a DAW controller. Why this happens? It worked. Don’t touch.


Updated yesterday to the latest versions and it seems fine to me.

Latest version of Insight 2 doesn’t survive a shift in window focus away from Nuendo though. I open the plugin and it’s fine, then switch to a different software and then back and the GUI is blank or frozen.

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I’m actually very thankful to Steinberg for making the N13 trial available. It helped me decide to wait with the update. New GUI looks pretty awful on Windows so I’m hoping they’ll improve it.


Nuendo 13’s GUI isn’t just too advanced for us to be used to right away. It looks UNFINISHED.
It looks like the graphic design team was tasked with creating the best GUI yet and then Steinberg heard Pro Tools was getting an MPEG-H feature, panicked, and rushed to market with a half-way finished GUI. That might also explain why my windows in Nuendo constantly turn all white and then I have to click anything to get the windows back to normal.

If they were in such a hurry to ensure Avid doesn’t jump ahead of them on any features, they could’ve made an update and released v13 when it was ready.


Why is this?

@emotive @yovangus If you need ‘fixed number of slots’ just right-click on the rack tab header (Inserts) and you’ll see the option in the menu.

I never said it was advanced, just different, and people seem to get ruffled at different. Personally, I don’t much care between the old and new GUI. They are both fine. If I had to pick I think I like the new one a bit better just because it is more consistent in appearance, but I’m not a UI nerd so as long as it works I’m usually fine with it.

I’m just pointing out that I’ve seen this kind of screaming about new UIs before. Windows was a big one, multiple times, I remember when Cakewalk Sonar went to its new UI that was a lot of screaming.


Ha! So many of the same issues as on the Cubase forum

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Agreed. I’m a multi-DAW user and this is nothing new.

People hated the changes in Logic’s GUI years ago. They lit the torches when Studio One went from V3 to V4 (and are still complaining at V6). It was the same with Reaper versions 4 through 7, but at least that crowd has the ability to theme it (somewhat).

The only time I’ve seen people happy is when PT added dark mode - although the first round was terrible, so yeah… even that.

Nothin’ new here. I guess I don’t mind the N13 changes and agree that it looks a bit more unified. At the end of the day, it’s just a tool - and a very good one at that.



Does this, not mean across all active tracks in a project?

Say that name not, lest you summon the hordes who will preach incessantly about it as the One True DAW™!