Stop same plug-ins on every track. Help!

In Cubase 7.5 I’m using kontakt 5 and i have 3 instruments loaded in kontakt 5 at the moment, i added a reverb plug-in in the audio inserts on one of the instruments, but that same plug-in pops up on the other 2 tracks, How can i get it to stop copying one plug-in to another?

Joshua N.

I am not exactly sure, but I know it might be difficult to tell if a track has been linked.

Are you sure those tracks aren’t linked?

Thanks so much more replying, no I’m not sure if their linked, how do i check if they are?


I am not around to check, I believe that when you select a linked channel, the associated channels will also highlight.

You can also always check one of the buttons on the mixer toolbar, one of them (again can’t remember) will defeat or suspend the linkage.