Stop Sustain Pedal Line

I am trying to enter Pedal Markings. The Pedal Popover seems to work nicely, but each time I try to create a Stop Sustain Pedal Line marking with the asterisk sign in the Popover box and click Return, nothing happens. Any thoughts would be appreciated. George

If you really want that notation (which I personally find clunky and old fashioned) just change the Pedal Line Continuation type property to sign at end.

If you’re inputting pedal lines by advancing the caret after typing e.g. ped into the Shift+P popover, you will find that * does stop the line, but it will only show the * at the end of the pedal line if that is the appearance you’ve chosen via Engraving Options.

Wonderful. Thank you. I must say that the instructions seem to indicate that one would use the Shift+P popover for selecting the actual Pedal marking spot as well as the spot for the Endpoint Asterisk. That’s what I kept doing to no avail. What you describe is far superior of course since it is a one step process and only requires dragging of the asterisk to the point desired. Speaking of dragging, I note with much envy that in the videos with Anthony, he often drags to select regions and areas for edit or moving etc, and when I try to do this simple and seemingly pervasive technique in virtually all applications, it won’t work. Am I missing something or again failed to make a choice in an Options area? This leads me to another question: It seems that many things unknowingly require making some sort of Options selection. What is the concept or rationale behind this? Rather than a simple assigning of a keystroke to something like pedal markings, or the selection of parenthesized accidentals, one must dip into a vast array of possibilities in an Options menu. Those menus are beautiful and comprehensive and detailed once one realizes that is the promised land. This was clearly a choice in the design of the program and just takes some getting used to I suppose. Could there be some simpler and more direct way to do some of these simple things? Your attention to my questions is truly appreciated. Thank you again. George

This is known as a marquee selection, if I’ve understood what you’re after correctly. Here’s some information about how to use it in Dorico:

Thank you Lillie. Oddly enough I must have inadvertently hit that thing because all of a sudden I have been able to drag select without even knowing about Marquee. I have now seen where it is thanks to you.

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