stop the direct offline processing dialog from showing?

I hit my Normalise Key Command for the first time since installing Cubase 9.5 and was greeted with the direct offline processing dialog.
I don’t think I ever had seen this behavior before?
I’ve been poking around in the preferences and in the manual for a while now …
Is there a way to turn off the direct offline processing dialog from popping up every time I process an audio file?

AFAIK no, there is no way to stop the DOP window from popping up.

:open_mouth: :astonished: :unamused: crap!
Oh well, thanks anyway! :smiley:

So… everytime i try to process the program will automatically generate a process for me and if I don’t like it I have to erase it??? This makes me waste a lot of time!! Heeeelllpp

Not really. You can switch off ‘auto apply’.

I found it confusing at first but realised that if you don’t click the Audio/Process command but instead click the Audio/Direct Line Processing command, you get that window and choose your process there. I think once you (we) get used to it, that might be a better way to work it.