Stop The Rain

… a anti-drug tune. Hope you like it !

Stop The Rain

I did! Well done.

Thanks Early21 ! :slight_smile:

wow! very nice, well done, and very pro sounding …

Thank you very much CUBASE6_USER ! :slight_smile:

Good job, man. but it seems too much highs (as for me of course).

Thanks Winter Rat ! Will have a look at it ! :slight_smile:

Edit : maybe its the Soundcloud mp3 conversion ? … i dunno ? Anyways, i will have a look at it … hehe :wink:

Yeah nice, I thought there was a bit too much high end as well. The bass could come up a little, and the hi-hats should ideally be panned center in my opinion.

Nice song though, well done.

Thanks Strophoid ! Will have a look at the high end, low end as well. Really appreciate the feedback ! Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Mix sounds perfect to me. Not my favorite style, but it’s still catchy :sunglasses:

If I can make one very small crit… the female background vocals are legible, but I think the highs on them – around 3kHz or so – have been rolled off just a tad too much (or they need a bit of boost) and they’ve lost a bit of clarity.

Thanks indeed Twilightsong ! Will have a look at this issue as well :slight_smile: … (“issue” ? … couldn’t find … or … im not able to find a better word for it :slight_smile: )

The mix is good, but these songs are usually designed to have a more prominent bottom end. I’d not only push the bass line forward more but would also either use the kick to side chain a sub bass synth line or compress the hell out of it and push it up a fair amount.

I also agree with the comment about the background vocals.

The song is quite good though.

Hi Knut,

This is a good song.
I agree it could do with some more bottom end.

But it’s a catchy tune, radio worthy. :sunglasses:
Well done!


It does sound very current and has a ‘radio-friendly’ vibe to it. I notice generally this kind of pop usually has very prominant vocals so I’d be bringing up the vocals up in the mix - particularly in the chorus’s. And, as mentioned, a punchier bottom-end would be good too. :sunglasses: Good stuff. :slight_smile:

Hey ! Well, first of all : Thanks really for the great comments - and taking your time listening to the tune and writing back ! That is really much appreciated !

… sorry about the late reply though. Busy these days … Christmas preparations and stuff :slight_smile: + studio work of course … hehe

@ foolomon : I know about the side chain function, but i must admit i haven’t used it alot on previous tunes. Im not sure “how much” if you understand what i mean. But i will read about it, and find some tutorials … must be something out there im sure. Will hopefully find out of it. Thanks really !

@ HornForHire : Hi Wim ! Thank you very much! Knut, yes thats me … hehe :wink: More bottom end, will have a look at it.

@ Sherz : Thank you ! More prominent vocals in the chorus and punchier bottom end - will definitely have a look at it !

Starting up with a mix-fix asap and will post here when its ready. Hopefully in a couple of weeks or so.

Again, thank you very much indeed !