Stop The Rain

Hi everyone !

Heres a new tune i have been working on lately. Soon ready for mastering hopefully.

“Stop The rain” : Jan Le’Brandt feat Tee’aY. The song is written by me, except the rap lyrics by Tee’aY (Tom Andre Marman)

Let me know what you think. Any feedback is appreciated!

Thanks in advance !

Best, Knut :slight_smile:

Nice, I like it :slight_smile:
What did you do to the rap vocals? I really like their sound.
The cheesy synthbass works really well in my opinion.

The refrains are a bit busy and somehow the elements don’t gel together very well. The sung vocal sounds a tad dry (despite the delay on it), I’d up the reverb on it just a little. I think the snare could use a bit more bass to it, especially in the refrains.
I’m a little undecided on the background vocals, they’re very well done but somehow I feel they’re a bit too friendly, for lack of a better word :wink:

Would love to hear how this turns out!

Thank you Strophoid !

What i did to the rap vocals … ehh … im not sure :slight_smile: I’m lying, of course i am. I put the Kilohearts Faturator distortion plugin on his lead vox and found out it worked pretty well. Panned a bit to the right channel. The dub vocals are centered and panned a bit to the left.

Not sure about more reverb on the lead vox though. But i respect your opinion though of course.

Will try to boost the bass on the (chorus)snare and see how that works.

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

can’t find link :cry:

Confirmed, looks like it’s been taken down.

Upps … sorry … :slight_smile:

Does it have Acoustic Guilar strumming in the left side ?? It sounds fine but i don’t really think the song needs it. Maybe replace it with another Synth patch to compliment the already recorded Synth comping pattern you have going.

Though if you decide to keep it in (which i am sure you will) then i like the volume level it has been placed at.

(Obviously you can tell i am a keyboard player !!) :laughing:

Anyway, a VERY good piece !!

Great production great sounding instrumentation. About rap it might be really cool to have it break down at one point and loose synths just having Drms/Vocal or even just vocal with kick or kick/snr to really feature him, granting breathing room in track. Just a thought but I also like the you have it.

Really fine production. I don’t normally listen to this kind of music but I was really digging it.

Great sounding production!! :smiley: Like how the vocals sit nicely in “their” place… Good balance too. :mrgreen:

rap aint my thing but this is certainly a good mix and production…nice vox sound…Kevin

yes a nice uplifting song ,very commercial ,you could enter this in the eurovision song contest and i could see it winning ,good mix

Hey, a big thanks for the suggestions, nice feedback and comments ! That is really much appreciated !

PS! Eurovision, i dunno. Already tried that twice, and you don’t have a chance if you don’t already have a “name”. At least here in Norway. They call it an open competition, but it is really not. Pi%#"… me off a bit :wink: