Stop VEP from Loading Auto Cubase 9


When I open Cubase 9, VEP is loading automatically. This slows down opening of cubase because VEP is checking all it’s plugins etc. It happens just when I open the program, no projects open etc. This did not happen with Cubase 8.5.

How can I prevent VEP from loading every time I open CB9?



Good question.

I was thinking of buying this and for some plugins (non instrument based) this would be nice.

I’ve had this happen a couple of times, also.

Not sure why.

It’s so rare it’s really not an issue.


This doesn’t happen to me.

I am wondering if anyone knows how to stop VEP from loading upon startup of Cubase 9. It takes way too long to load because every time I start CB9, VEP starts automatically I would like to stop this.
Any ideas?

Are you loading a Template?
Or starting Cubase from a Project file?

Or are you only starting Cubase with no project selected.

And what part of VEP is loading?

In my case it was JUST Cubase - no project.
However, as I mentioned, it only happened a couple of times and didn’t take any time because it only opened the VEP server.

No project was open yet so obviously there were no VEP VSTis open. Very odd.


Hi Hugh,
This is happening loading Cubase 9 from scratch, no session opening. Literally just opening the application, no templates, no sessions open. When I open the App during the boot up of CB9 I can see the loading screen goes to “plugin manager” on the cubase opening credits. Then it hangs there for like a minute while VEP loads and runs thru all its plugins. After everything has loaded I can open Cubase session as normal. This was not happening in 8.5 just when I installed 9.

And what part of VEP is loading? It is loading the standard program as if I was running it in Cubase.


Any ideas?