Stopped-horn (+) custom key command

Is there a way to map the “+” sign indicating stopped horn? I’ve looked through the literature but am unclear if we are limited to editing the set of key commands already built out in Preferences -> Key Commands.

Thank you in advance.

Can’t you just use Shift-P then write + and press return?


I see that both muted and stopped use the same + for Pop over text so you could edit one of them under Playing Techniques

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Who knew it was so easy? Thank you, Jesper.

You’ll then want to click the star icon in the bottom of the Edit Playing Techniques dialog (with the relevant Playing Technique selected) in order to Save As Default for future projects.

Even better.


What happens when we choose default for the relevant playing technique? Does that get mapped to the sound? I see there are different articulations, etc., but I’m not sure what any of it actually does.

Thank you.

If I don’t misunderstand what you are asking, this is the difference between a “Playing Technique” and a "Playback Playing Technique. Notice in the Playing Technique Dialog that you can choose which Playback Playing Technique you want to associate with the Playing Technique. In other words - you choose what gets sounded when the Playing Technique is invoked.

Though you may have to do a bit more mapping depending on which sound library you choose in the expression maps.