Stopping Empty Measures from Collapsing

I’ve written a piece for a sax quartet recently that involves proportional notation. As part of that, I created a few empty measures for each player that spaces out each events’ starting point as a bar line with a new amount of seconds represented as text over the measure with a dashed line. In the score, there is nothing I need to do further to show these empty measures. In parts, however, all of these empty measures collapse in, since Dorico’s trying to automatically adjust spacing, and it sees that there’s officially nothing in the measure. Is there a way to stop it from doing this? The client’s asking for parts, and I haven’t found a way to generate them due to this problem. Thanks.

BTW, I had to create a new Steinberg account as my school’s email wouldn’t present the newest Steinberg authentication code emails, even in spam. I don’t know what happened to that, so I went with this.

The only way to keep the spacing proportional is to highlight the rests, go to the properties panel, far left, then tick “custom scale” and set it to “1.” It’s really hackey, and I have been able to find them if you zoom in far enough, but in a score this shouldn’t be perceptible.

I have cleared out the rests, however, with the built in option. Is there no other way than that?

In engrave mode you could select barlines and add the space back via the note spacing tool. Alternatively you could fill those measures with something standard like a double-whole note or another note value that you aren’t using anywhere else, and then edit the notehead set so that that notehead doesn’t appear (or they could be selected and shrunk).

Also, is there a particular casting off setting that is causing the parts to be too dense? Or could you standardize the part layout (4 bars per stave, for instance) so that the measures naturally space out that way?

You need to select the notes immediately before and after the collapsed staves, and remove the “Starts Voice” and “Ends Voice” properties.

Making a second file to do that, that worked out nicely. Thanks!