Stopping Pattern Play from a Keyboard


Using GA 4.20, we can play patterns by turning on Pattern mode and touching the mapped keys on a connected MIDI keyboard to trigger pattern pads.

When we touch a different (mapped) key, a different pattern pad is triggered and a different pattern plays (and plays, and plays …)

What then are we supposed to touch on the connected MIDI keyboard in order to make the pattern playing stop? (i.e. for a break, or at the end of our song/performance)

OK, I eventually figured out how to deal with this, and I post here in case others want to know.

To stop the Jam Mode playback in Groove Agent, just trigger a pad set up to be an ending pad.
This can be done via the UI, or via MIDI just as for all the other pads.
The ending pattern will play and the playback will cease.

An ending pad is simply one where the Jam State has been set to ‘Stop’.
Ending pads are shown with a small square in the upper left corner.
If you want a cold stop (no ending pattern, simply silence) then deactivate the pattern for that pad.

another or even better solution would be to define a “Reset Controller” for the “Pattern Playback” on the Option page.
Assign the controller number of any button on your MIDI Controller and you have a “real” Stop button.
best regards
Gerrit Junge

Thank you Gerrit for that tip. It works very well.

I much appreciate you pointing that out, because the few words offered about that subject in the manual were not enough to clue me in to what was going on there!