Storage configuration

Hi, am I better off using nvme on my c: running all my audio recording programs? Let me break down my normal drive situation.

C: ssd running my programs.
D: HDD where I record my audio files and cubase projects onto
E: HDD all my samples for vst instruments
F: Random storage, songs, movies, pics, etc

Is it best to partition my nvme into three drives? It’s 512gb
So 125 for programs
50gb for my audio files and cubase projects
The rest for samples

Then another SSD for misc?

How would you guys recommend configuring it?

I prefer to give my SSD resources to samples, since I routinely use sample-intensive VSTs that can run instruments directly from drives. It helps a lot on my ram-challenged 24gb system. I plan to go to M2 drives on my new system.

An SSD on the boot drive gets you going faster at startup, and programs launch a little faster, but for me the biggest ongoing bottleneck in music production is accessing samples. I compensate for my once or twice a day slow HDD boot up with a cup of coffee.

To break down my question. Are there any problems with using an nvme m.2 drive in 3 partitions?
One boot
One cubase projects
One samples

Not sure, I’ll just try it and see if I have any problems.
I would think it would be better to have samples on the nvme drive, so it can load swiftly

I don’t know if you would have “any problems” with the setup you suggest, but as I understand it, a separate physical drive for boot, projects and samples is the best. I have run that configuration for years and it works exceedingly well.

I am going to try my nvme with three partitions. As I think it will be much faster since read write are well into the 2000MB/s
vs my SSD which is 480MB/s