Storage full before using transit

Hello, me and a friend wants to try using the transit feature, but when we both log in for the first time both our storages are full. I cant find where to empty the storage so can anyone help with this?


can you please tell me your Transit name? Send it to m.spork (at)


I have the same problem…just used vst transit for the first time and uploaded one project which is 24.8 mb according to vst transit yet on the storage tab it says I have used 1.5GB of 1.5 gb traffic and in terms of storage 730mb of 750mb are supposedly used.

How can we manage storage and delete unused files?

pls PM your transit user name, and we’ll have a look.

It turned out, the problem was a misunderstanding on my side.

I assumed the overview in vst transit would indicate the amount of space already used but instead it is showing space and traffic available for the current month.

Many thanks for the reply and my apologies…