Storage of various interface configs and automatic settings recall

Since rehearsing is currently impossible I, Cubase user since Atari times, convinced my mates to invest in audio interfaces and Cubase AI 10.5 so we can rehearse and / or develop ideas online, one by one.
I had to realize that setting up Cubase once and for everybody is impossible. The project file seems to store the last configuration only. The subsequent user has to reconfigure everything, and repeatedly.

Things would be easier if Cubase could memorize various computer / interface setups including track settings and recall them automatically.

It does, but unfortunately that feature, called Profiles, is only available in the top editions of Cubase.

Even so, many settings are machine specific and by definition can’t be set up via a shared project.

I think the way to go is to teach you users how to create presets in studio connections and elsewhere.

Or use VST Transit.