Store audio connections info with audio devices?

Hi all,

For many, many Cubase versions I’ve been hesitant to switch my audio devices - typically this would mean between built-in audio and my RME Babyface - because I have to go and re-load all my presets for Inputs, Outputs and Control Room under Audio Connections after doing so.

I won’t name names but other DAWs don’t seem to struggle with this. Is there an option I’m missing that will let me either store connections info with the device, OR at least load all connections (Ins/Outs/etc) in one go?

[So this is a] Request to add option to let users either store audio connections info with an audio device, OR if this isn’t possible, load all connections (Ins/Outs/Control Room) in one go.



Not what I know of.

Annoying question, I know, but… why do you have to switch between built-in audio and your RME interface?

Does it matter?

Well if you think there is a good reason and someone can come up with a way for you to work where you don’t do that and it’s better for you then you would avoid this problem, right?

Just to make sure: It is possible to create ‘presets’ for input/output/CR configurations. Maybe it will ease the pain :wink:


Agree with OP this is a bit of a pain — there are worse things, but it would be nice if Cubase recalled the config for each device. Feature request maybe?

My main use case is forgetting to switch on my interface before launching Cubase. In the past it popped up a window giving you the chance to turn it on but C12 doesn’t seem to do that.

Another use case is checking your mix on MBP speakers — highly recommended for media music.

What @Fantom said - that’s one of the things that input/output presets are for. They’ve come in very handy for me in cases where Cubase somehow “forgets” these assignments for a variety of reasons.

This is the same problem if you forget to switch on your audio device before starting Cubase - you need to reassign all the outputs because Cubase forgets its audio connections.
It’s very annoying. Sure, presets help a bit, but imho it is not really something the user should worry about.
There probably has been a feature request for this someplace here…

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Same here. Switching from Apogee to Build In to MacOS Multi Device.
Very, very annoying. I’m using Presets but it’s very uncomfortable.


Hi to all :slight_smile: Dont forget to VOTE for this request.
I am working with an RME RayDat Interface and I do have a Yamaha Motif XF, which also works as an audio interface with a very convenient integration in Cubase via a dedicated VST Instrument. I would neet to use both in one single projects - but not at the same time. Switching Audio-Interfaces within the same project can be accomplished by recalling audio-connections presets. The point is: there is no TOTAL preset for ALL audio connections.
It would make sense to store a total preset that is linked to a certain interface so that switching interface results in switching all audio connections to a predefined state. Without opening and closing the project.
People with USB Microphones and an additional interface will also benefit from this. It is absolutely relevant on Windows, since we can only use one single interface (to be more precise: one single driver) at a given time.

Vote where?

I agree. Though I’d say it should probably be an options since not all people would want the input/output-tab routing to change along with Control Room routing. Come to think of it, I think that may be the fundamental problem: It’s all well and fine to switch all at once if your setup is fairly simple, but if it isn’t then there could be cases where your i/o-tabs route differently in one setting relative to Control Room, if that makes sense. Or to put it differently - there are probably going to be cases where you want to reset CR but not Inputs… just as an example.

(and should all outputs be rerouted, or just some? And if it’s just some outputs how would the DAW know which ones?)

Anyway, someone should create a thread with a clear topic headline that requests this, and mark the thread “feature request”.

I would add my vote.

Hi, thank you for your support. I have to say that ALL outputs should be routed, from one predefined to another predefined state. On Windows it does not make sense that ANY connections remain the same when the audio interface is changed - this is true for input, output… and as well the control room! Why? Well, simply because there is no way to use more than one interface at a given time and therefore all connections have to be redefinied in a reasonable way manually anyways.
Just to make it clear: The “total preset” makes sense when switching audio interfaces within a project. Re-Routing without changing the interface is of course a different story - in that case the control room settings should be stable, of course.
I am conviced that the request could easily be covered by implementing a “total preset” preference per Audio-Interface, which consists of sub-presets for all types of audio connections (in, out, … controlroom…).

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I just don’t think it’s necessarily as obviously simple as it may seem. Probably some logic has to be in play and options given to users because not everyone may want to “reset” i/o to previous states globally. Again though, as long as it’s an option it’s fine of course.

(as an aside, not all of us route outputs to physical interface outs but use them as “dummies” instead and choose them as sources for exports of stems etc. So I imagine that there could be use cases where we’d run into potential problems)

I don’t think that’s true. One driver? Yes. One interface? More than that I think. I haven’t needed to do that at home (Windows) but I’d be shocked if you couldn’t stack MOTUs or Steinberg UR interfaces or whatever.

Well, sure you can stack multiple interfaces that are served by one single driver - many vendors allow this. But on windows you cant use different brands (except with the not acceptable ASIO4ALL driver).
My practical use case is Yamaha MOtif XF with its firewire driver and an RME Card. would be very, ver handy to switch interface (and thus connections) in one single project without effort.
The “dummy” thing is not an issue if we could just have a total preset (i.e. one who covers ALL ports, in, out and all busses in, out, cr… and of course dummies just as needed).